A Jedi craves not these items. If that’s the case, then all Jedi ought to probably cancel their preorders for LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, since this dazzling new entry in Traveller’s Tales’ longrunning LEGO game collection has brought both adventure and pleasure by the plastic bucketload. With gorgeous set items cribbed from all nine mainline Star Wars films and a surprisingly vast number of iconic planet hubs to freely discover in between, The Skywalker Saga is a brick-breaking blockbuster executed with a goofy charm that had me feeling as blissful as a droid in a scorching oil bath. In a dramatic departure from the zoomed out camera perspective of earlier LEGO titles, The Skywalker Saga features a tighter, over-the-shoulder third-particular person view typical of the likes of Gears of War or Uncharted, and it brings together with it far larger management over your attacks. Lightsabers will be boomeranged and crates can be Force-pushed with satisfying precision, and an easy combo system permits you to launch enemies into the air for a juggling volley of saber swings with ease.
The one Star Destroyer-sized blight on my expertise with The Skywalker Saga was the bug I encountered that made progressing the story of the prequel trilogy beyond Attack of the Clones unimaginable. Playing on Xbox Series X, I experienced a crash whereas trying to launch a mission looking for Jango Fett, and after i rebooted The Skywalker Saga that mission marker was gone from the map and menus with seemingly no approach of retriggering it. Since you possibly can hop in and out of each episode and play the three trilogies in any order, I used to be still ready to finish Episodes IV through to IX on my original save, however I wanted to create a brand new recreation as a way to play by way of Episodes I to III, throughout which the sport breaking bug was thankfully now not present. I also noticed some slight issues with The Skywalker Saga’s drop-in/drop-out local co-op mode.
Amazingly, even the events of The Rise of Skywalker are considerably extra pleasing when they’re intentionally ridiculous, versus unintentionally so. It’s not just The Skywalker Saga’s sense of humour that saved me engaged, but its mission selection too. The Skywalker Saga is able to delivering senseless carnage on a massive scale, like when The Battle of Naboo briefly blossoms right into a thrilling game of tower protection, and also you gleefully lob balls of power from Gungan catapults to decimate hordes of Trade Federation droids and assault tanks. Yet it can be more focused and cerebral, comparable to when Rey enters the mirror cave on Temple Island, and also you carefully puppeteer her reflections in order to reach exit portal switches. Though by no means fairly as daring or inventive as 2021’s It Takes Two, the forty five predominant story ranges constantly switch issues up in order that the motion by no means grows stale. This is on top of the fan-pleasing standards, after all, and The Skywalker Saga does indeed function ranges designed around high-speed podracing, X-Wing trench runs and all the most important lightsaber duels you’d expect.
While I primarily stayed on target and targeted on the principle mission path, as soon as I had completed all of the story missions I spent just a few extra hours revisiting my favourite places and completing side missions to unlock extra characters, after which swapping them in and out of my touring occasion with a view to utilise their distinctive abilities to resolve particular problems. It’s during these moments, when you’re jetting from one photo voltaic system to the following and cruising right down to a planet’s floor to run odd jobs for native townsfolk, that The Skywalker Saga begins to resemble some kind of adorable Mass Effect for minifigs. And in the event you get tired of exploring and action-platforming your manner throughout the wealth of planets, you’ll be able to always just choose your favourite starship and jet up into orbit for some impromptu dogfighting. There really is a staggering amount to do within the Skywalker Saga, and despite the fact I’ve spent over 20 hours with the game I really feel like I’ve solely simply scratched the surface – there are seemingly enough collectible LEGO vehicles and minifigs in here to populate several hundred letters to Santa.
2021’s Hot Wheels Unleashed set a brand new customary for prime fidelity digital plastic, and The Skywalker Saga definitely matches it down to each last plastic seam and textured hair piece, with the paint on minifigs chipping away convincingly after extended use as though they’re an a lot-liked toy. Absolutely each LEGO creation seems so uncannily true to life, that once you blast an immaculately assembled 1000-piece Tie Fighter out of the sky, you possibly can virtually hear the cries of anguish from the father or mother who spent their complete Sunday afternoon helping their kid build it. The LEGO games have always lent a Spaceballs-style silliness to their recreations of iconic Star Wars scenes and The Skywalker Saga is not any completely different, consistently searching for out the lighter aspect of the Force in even the most somber of conditions. Whether it’s Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader discussing the brand new Death Star whereas rows of Stormtroopers awkwardly topple over like dominos in the background, or a confused Darth Sidious unintentionally issuing Order 67 instead of 66 and forcing all the clone troopers to spontaneously start disco dancing rather than commit mass Jedi genocide, The Skywalker Saga consistently finds a technique to gently mock its source materials with wonderfully absurd and hilarious results.
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